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What if you could harness the power of the human body to help you heal?! Are you someone who is conscious of everything they put into their body? Ortho biologics get you on the path to recovery while keeping absolute control.

Biologics include platelet rich plasma (PRP), adipose derived cells (ADSC), bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC), Wharton’s jelly (umbilical cord tissue), and amniotic fluid. These injections may play a large part in filling the treatment gap that exists for patients between little to no intervention and surgery. Certain body regions are slow to heal, such as tendons due to low metabolic rate and joints due to hypo vascularity. These injections are tools to help aid patients in recovery. We use ultrasound or x-ray guidance to place the biologic in the appropriate body site. Importantly, they do not replace surgery when clear surgical indications are present. Currently they are not covered by insurance.

Specializing in PRP Treatments

Platelet rich plasma, often referred to as PRP, is autologous blood which means the patient’s own blood. After a blood draw, it is placed in a centrifuge to spin out red blood cells while keeping various levels of platelets and white blood cells. It works by tapping into the body’s natural healing pathways. PRP is the signaler not the healer. There are unique proteins and growth factors that are secreted from alpha granules of platelets. Preparation involves concentrating the platelets in a patient’s blood. PRP has been used for several decades in medicine. It is an option for treating arthritis, tendon issues, plantar fasciits, and muscle injury.

Stem Cell Therapy

The term ‘stem cells’ is used frequently but in reality; we are harvesting progenitor cells which are often confused with stem cells. Progenitor cells are early descendants of stem cells that can differentiate to form one or more kinds of cells. We harvest these cells from bone marrow or adipose tissue (fat). Adipose tissue has gained popularity due to its larger concentration of progenitor cells. The procedure involves harvesting tissue following the FDA guidelines from the abdomen, thighs, or buttocks in the office under local anesthetic. Bone marrow aspirate is typically taken from the pelvis at the posterior superior iliac crest or anterior superior iliac crest. This is done in the office under local anesthetic. The sample is then run through a centrifuge for concentration. These cellular therapies have a higher level of bioactivity leading to a strong anti-inflammatory immune modulated response. They may be used for treating arthritis, tendon issues, and muscle injury.

Safe and Innovative Stem Cell Alternatives

Amniotic fluid/tissue or Wharton’s jelly are newer alternatives. Amniotic fluid/tissue surrounds a growing fetus and is taken at no harm to the baby at the time of a cesarean section. It has been used for several decades in medicine. It is cryopreserved in its preparation and reconstituted at time of injection. It contains concentrated growth factors that create short term decrease in inflammation to address pain and long term help create a healing state. Wharton’s jelly is the material surrounding the blood vessels of an umbilical cord of a developing fetus. It is also harvested at the time of a cesarean section at no harm to the baby. It also contains concentrated growth factors. They involve injection of material not from one’s own body, avoiding the need for harvesting blood, adipose, or bone marrow. They may be used for treating arthritis, tendon issues, plantar fasciitis, and muscle injury.

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